Friday, September 13, 2013

Salem, Riverfront Park, Mission Mill, Capitol!

After leaving the coast we headed over to Salem and decided to get a hotel so we could check out some things I have been wanting to see there. It was quite a climate shock coming from highs in the 70's over to Salem on Wednesday and it was 97 and very humid. Our first stop was Riverfront park a favorite of the kids. The Children's Museum was closed so we went to the carousel and splash pad.

Salem Riverfront Park photo 1236538_10201857301984626_1595030971_n.jpg  photo 1229873_10201857302304634_1098975205_n.jpg  photo 1185193_10201857302864648_1454105237_n.jpg 
The splash pad was a welcome relief from the heat.
  photo 1239518_10201857306864748_1774224141_n.jpg  photo 1005511_10201857306664743_183082383_n.jpg  photo 1236262_10201857307424762_168201927_n.jpg  photo 1175225_10201857309304809_415694425_n.jpg  photo 559301_10201857309544815_1793488060_n.jpg  photo 1237028_10201857308024777_90677460_n.jpg 
 I have always wanted to take the kids to the Capitol Building so we went over to it after the park. At this point it was closed but we walked around the Capitol park. This was on September 11th. The flag walk.
 Oregon State Capitol Park on 9/11 photo 1238041_10201857310064828_1631639711_n.jpg  photo 1000016_1
 Looking at all of the state flags. 
 photo 2523_10201857311704869_1945093016_n.jpg 
The steps. 
 photo 75930_10201857311824872_727458379_n.jpg  photo 1240514_10201857312624892_353486242_n.jpg 
Flag at half staff for Patriots Day.
  photo 1235267_10201857313464913_494087830_n.jpg 
Statue of Jason Lee first Missionary tot eh Oregon Territories and statue dedicated to Oregon's Circuit Riding Preachers.
  photo 999117_10201857313744920_219206258_n.jpg Statue for the circuit riding preachers. photo 226719_10201857315744970_1589806153_n.jpg  photo 1235363_10201857318345035_1513788505_n.jpg 
After staying the night in Albany we went back to Salem to see the Mission Mill Museum. I first heard about this place from a fellow Oregon blogger and have wanted to check it out. The museum consists of an old wool mill and a set of Methodist missionary buildings that were moved to this site and preserved. The missionaries were among the first pioneers to Oregon and built the first settlement in Chemeketa now known as Salem and also started Willamette University. The museum is really neat and I highly recommend it.
 Mission Mill Museum Salem Oregon photo 1280836_10201857318625042_1432528709_n.jpg  photo 557530_10201857319545065_2054376163_n.jpg 
First up the Mill. 
 photo 1239787_10201857320145080_311832080_n.jpg  photo 1235916_10201857321505114_805808315_n.jpg  photo 1239908_10201857322905149_1983985756_n.jpg  photo 1234261_10201857324385186_272711494_n.jpg  photo 1229900_10201857325105204_163807104_n.jpg  photo 1185127_10201857325585216_287548950_n.jpg  photo 1005485_10201857325985226_565673574_n.jpg  photo 1175243_10201857327425262_943394780_n.jpg 
Yes Minnie went with us.
  photo 1185674_10201857328105279_1356082981_n.jpg  photo 1209297_10201857329105304_1271950744_n.jpg  photo 1185656_10201857329385311_275227128_n.jpg 
Now onto the Mission houses. This is the Jason Lee house. Jason Lee's house. First Missionary to the Oregon Territory. photo 1234374_10201857329905324_410139490_n.jpg 
The Parsonage and missionary dorms.
 Parsonage photo 1236547_10201857330345335_1641223718_n.jpg 
Jason Lee house porch. 
 photo 1229816_10201857331625367_928282374_n.jpg 
Jason Lee's Bible and Catechism book. Jason Lee's Bible and catechism book. photo 46413_10201857332105379_202925562_n.jpg 
 The old church.
 Mission Methodist Church photo 1234846_10201857332385386_559291646_n.jpg  photo 1185030_10201857332905399_204978621_n.jpg  photo 1235241_10201857333305409_363522455_n.jpg 
After the museum we decided to go back to the capitol building so we could go inside.
 Inside the capitol! photo 1235475_10201857333545415_513137872_n.jpg  photo 999611_10201857334265433_1143255723_n.jpg 
House of Representatives. Obviously they aren't in session. House of Representatives photo 1174960_10201857334545440_1688989245_n.jpg  photo 1185656_10201857334665443_397990183_n.jpg  photo 1174731_10201857334945450_1936217551_n.jpg 
The Senate 
Senate photo 1174669_10201857335865473_1869754691_n.jpg  photo 1185870_10201857336265483_1373145526_n.jpg  photo 65006_10201857336945500_184053374_n.jpg  photo 1236461_10201857337025502_1949239803_n.jpg 
There is Minnie again. 
  photo 1229996_10201857337185506_736515585_n.jpg  photo 994601_10201857337505514_1259764405_n.jpg 
We headed home after this. Regular school will resume again on Monday. :)

Heceta, Camping, Newport, Aquarium!

We just got home yesterday from a fun vacation trip. We went camping for two nights at the coast with my sister and family and then we stayed one night in Albany so we could check out Salem. I'm going to post about the camping and coast first and then do a separate post about Salem. We reserved a yurt at Beverly Beach State park and were able to check out some places around Newport.

The kids are all ready to hit the road.
  photo 1240183_10201857246543240_659102350_n.jpg 
The first place we stopped was the Heceta lighthouse which has recently been renovated. It was really fun taking a tour of the lighthouse.
 Heceta Head Light House! photo 1236301_10201857247863273_1221923320_n.jpg  photo 1234330_10201857249263308_1362224373_n.jpg  photo 1240314_10201857253703419_1840259295_n.jpg  photo 1238978_10201857254743445_1691381056_n.jpg 
The Keeper's House.
  photo 1239603_10201857255943475_1991512568_n.jpg 
 Next we arrived at our campground and after dinner headed to the beach. 
The crew. 
Beverly Beach State Park! photo 1234728_10201857260303584_2022463531_n.jpg  photo 526357_10201857261143605_1590410558_n.jpg  photo 999451_10201857261943625_341423590_n.jpg  photo 1240012_10201857263903674_1406566651_n.jpg  photo 1236942_10201857264903699_347894701_n.jpg  photo 644028_10201857266743745_865081354_n.jpg 
On Tuesday we went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium.  photo 1185064_10201857267703769_1448567507_n.jpg 
 I really liked their new kid area. 
  photo 1176298_10201857269143805_97795773_n.jpg  photo 1240000_10201857270103829_1813233986_n.jpg  photo 1240040_10201857272583891_1372357262_n.jpg  photo 1237776_10201857274783946_1283059338_n.jpg  photo 1235224_10201857275423962_1946638463_n.jpg 
Hurricane simulator 
 photo 540700_10201857276263983_1976140710_n.jpg  photo 1209438_10201857277344010_646000647_n.jpg  photo 1185082_10201857281704119_386532000_n.jpg  photo 1209318_10201857282544140_1901161120_n.jpg  photo 1209194_10201857284104179_476100724_n.jpg 
After the aquarium we decided to head to Nye beach. On the way we discovered a park that had the biggest slide ever.
 Biggest park slide ever! photo 998098_10201857286744245_634203651_n.jpg  photo 1240289_10201857288464288_1762021509_n.jpg  photo 46446_10201857289144305_180776112_n.jpg  photo 970017_10201857289904324_669630793_n.jpg  photo 1240342_10201857292544390_1568467767_n.jpg  photo 1208811_10201857293344410_2089226827_n.jpg 
After the park it was on to the beach. 
Nye Beach photo 1229939_10201857294424437_339148443_n.jpg  photo 1185195_10201857296224482_314182023_n.jpg  photo 1235306_10201857296504489_745432917_n.jpg  photo 1236218_10201857296704494_1627149147_n.jpg 
My sister brought along a ice cream maker that you pass around.  photo 1185635_10201857298824547_655600019_n.jpg  photo 1185760_10201857299504564_10295056_n.jpg 
Chilling by the campfire. 
 photo 9312_10201857300424587_379711400_n.jpg 
The next day we went to Lincoln city and then headed over to Salem. Buttercup was done with beaches at this point.
  photo 1185003_10201857301304609_1089867929_n.jpg 
Stay tuned for Salem.