Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Buttercup fell asleep eating luch today, so I had to take a pictures of course!

Our Garden!

We planted our vegetable garden a few weeks ago adn it's doing great. I can't wait for the fresh tomatoes. I ended up planting 10 tomato plants, because there were so many kinds I wanted to try. I'll blame it on the plant warehouse for being so cheap.

I picked these from our strawberry plants yesterday!


Cucumbers, watermelon, and some herbs.

Strawberries. These I planted last year.

Memorial Day!

We took the kids to River Forks park on Memorial day. It was a gorgeous day and they had a blast.

Buttercup, isn't she so sweet.

Big Brother and little sister!

Love the tongues

Her hair goes crazy in these slides!

Sweetpea loves these

tongue again

She is so pretty!

Buttercup exploring the river

He loves water


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tot School 15!

Tot School

For some strange reason I haven't been getting my camera out much lately. We have been doing school, and the kids have been doing great lately. I plan to finish up this school year in about two weeks, so Sweetpea will be graduating from Tot School soon ;( Next fall I will be focusing this on Buttercup. Here are a few pics I managed to take.
Buttercup loves playing with her blocks now.

Stacking! She can stack up a small tower,

and then knock them down of course.

The girls love dancing!

I took this after bath the other night! Spinning ballerinas.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tot School 14!

Tot School

We are finally back! Tot School has been happening at our house. I have just not gotten around to posting about it, or taking very many pics. I'm feeling much better as I near my second trimester. These pictures come from the last couple of weeks.

Sweetpea has been working on her writing a lot lately. She wrote the A on the bottom herself.

Playing puzzels!

Buttercup insists on having something to do when the others are doing school

She loves this counting book.

Sweetpea's coloring is getting better all the time.

Buttercup's first time with playdoh

She lasted a few minutes before the eating began ;)


I may be kinda partial, but I'm pretty sure my girls are some of the cutest on the planet. They have been really starting to play together and enjoy eachother. Sweetpea has been insanely jealous, but is really starting to love her little sister. It is so sweet when they get along.
Buttercup is getting so big ;(


Daddy's shoes

More soccer!

Buster's soccer season is still in full swing, but Sweetpea finished last week. She had fun, but I'm glad to only have one soccer game on Saturday instead of two. It was a little crazy at times. Buster is really enjoying himself, and he has gotten a goal at both of his last two games.