Thursday, December 27, 2007

100th post!

Well this is my 100th post on this blog wow. We had a great Christmas this year. The kids had a blast. I went to see my CNM today for a check up, I will be 34 weeks tommorow. She told me today that depending on how big the baby is,when they check her size in two weeks. They will either induce me at 37 weeks after an amnio to check lung maturaty or they will go ahead and wait until 38 weeks without an amnio. So unless for some reason she happens to be small at my next ultrasound I should have her at the most in 4 more weeks. Wow when I type that out it seems really soon. Hopefully it will go a little smoother this time around. Here are some Christmas pics:

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas All!

I hope everyone has a great week with family and friends!
Here are some pics for your enjoyment. We have been so busy this month it has really flown by.
Hopefully I will get a chance to update after Christmas.

Merry Christmas

We went to see the lights at shore acres(coast) on Friday.
Aren't they so cute!

Buster got to look at the moon!

Picture of the gardens

We put together the kids new bunkbed on Saturday.
They were so excited!

Buster and one of his cousins


Out cold after a long day!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Our week!

Well we've had an interesting week. Buster and Sweetpea were both sick on different days with a stomach bug not fun. I tweeked my back earlier this week and had to lay around for a few days :( I had an ultrasound on Thursday and the baby estimated weight was 4.5lbs wich puts her 1-2weeks ahead for average baby size, but I don't have average sized babies so were not too shocked. Everything looked good with her, and they will be checking her size again on January 10th. I haven't gotten any Christmas baking done hopefully next week I can. I will post some new pics soon.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

New post finally!

Well I'm finally posting an update and some pics. I went in to see my CNM on Thursday, and I got the medication I needed for my itching. So far the itching has gotten better, but not totally gone. After my CNM and I were talking over what was going on I reminded her of the medicine I took last time. She went to check my records and figure out how much I needed. When she was on the computer she looked at my blood work from when I was pregnant with sweetpea. She called me over to see, and we both had forgotten it wasn't my bile salts that were elavated it was my LFT's. It turned out that they had not check my LFT's yet so I had to have my blood drawn again. They will probably let me know next week how that turned out. My next appt. is Dec. 13th and I will be having another ultrasound to check the babies size, and to check on the umbillical cyst. I will update on that later. Here are some pics from November you might enjoy.

First day of our advent:

Hanging out with cousins

The kids were rearranging their clothes

Sweetpea's first time sleeping in a big girl bed. If only she would stay there all night.

Sweetpea sprinkled her own cookie (with the whole jar of sprinkles)

Pretty Dress

Advent calendar my hubby and I made: