Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A father's day funny brought to you by Sweetpea!

Sweetpea filled out a survey about her daddy at church, with her teachers help. It was so cute and funny I had to share:

My dad is special because: he plays with me
I like it when my dad: tells funny jokes
My dad can do many things! I think he is best at: going in the kitchen
I like to make my dad smile by: coloring with mommy
My dad is a strong as a: Gorilla
My dad is smart! He even knows: how to do school

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer fun!

We have been having a lot of fun the last few weeks doing summer stuff! The kid's had fun having their cousin T over for a sleepover. Buster has been talking about it for months, and since school is out we finally did. We also started up the library summer reading program, and the kids have been trying to fill their charts for prizes. At the first library day they got to paint jungle pictures. Last Friday we checked out movies in the park. This is the first year our city is doing this, and we got to see Charlottes Web. The kid's really enjoyed themselves, but they were exhausted when we left. It didn't start until 9:30. Buster is doing swim lessons again, and he loves it. He is swimming so well now! Other than these things we have been spending time playing with cousins, walking, going to the park, and all those fun summer things. I have been picking out the kid's curriculum for next year, and will post about it as soon as I order it. Tonight my brother's kids are staying the night, and tomorrow we are going to Wildlife Safari with our church.

The kid's hanging out with T!

Buttercup painted for the first time!

Her masterpiece!
Sweetpea hanging with dad at the park!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Girls!

Buttercup loves playing with baby dolls all of a sudden. I found her sitting like this today. Giving her baby a kiss ;)

So Happy!

I love the static hair!

The girls were lounging and watching Cinderella Sweetpea's favorite!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Buster's story!

Buster wrote this little story his last week of kindergarten, and Ithought it was really cute!

A little update!

I thought I'd post a quick update of some of the things we have been doing lately. I had a check up yesterday, and baby's heartbeats sounds great. My ultrasound is scheduled for July 21st. We can't wait to see this little one again. Buster finished up his soccer season, and is on to swimming for the summer. He loves swimming class! We also finished school on Monday, so Buster is on summer break now.
The girls were both sick this week. Here is a picture of them lounging. Some how Buttercup is still smiling even with a temp of 103

Last soccer game

Buster lost both top teeth in May

Friday, June 5, 2009

Cloth Diapers!

All week long over at Simple Mom they have been posting some great info about cloth diapers. I use cloth on Buttercup and I love them. My sister made the ones I have. Here is a link to her blog: http://seamssewneat.blogspot.com/ Simple mom is doing a give away, so I thought why not enter. Go on over to their blog and check out all their post about CD if it interests you. http://simplemom.net/