Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Fun week 1!

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 So once again this year we are doing a 4 day school week with a  light morning of school on Friday followed by our mini family co-op. This Friday was our first co-op day and I was hosting. We had a planning meeting last Friday and picked monthly topics. The first is nature so today we went to a local park and had a nature scavenger hunt. I printed up a list of things to find. After having a little talk about the different things on the list we broke into 3 groups and started looking.

   photo 1235248_10201757037158068_422655779_n.jpg  photo 1236274_10201757035438025_1320436204_n.jpg  photo 1148841_10201757036678056_2037639298_n.jpg  photo 1240074_10201757036958063_341201603_n.jpg  photo 1185574_10201757037918087_1908606652_n.jpg  photo 1239798_10201757038398099_1142485958_n.jpg  photo 1174523_10201757039358123_776660990_n.jpg  photo 1239507_10201757039918137_2049027330_n.jpg  photo 1229831_10201757040678156_1936927168_n.jpg
Once the hunt was done we had a snack and played at the park!

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