Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lent weeks 4 and 5!

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new." 1 Corinthians 5:17 
 The days are marching on and we are getting closer and closer to Easter. Here are a few things we have done the last few weeks.

The grass we planted sprouted quickly.
  The grass seeds are growing. photo 600257_10200656421163356_1955283289_n.jpg 
We have burned through stacks of candles.  photo 419996_10200656440363836_731355809_n.jpg 
and the kids are always thinking of creative ways to extinguish them. Creative ways to put out the candles. photo 418931_10200656417603267_886160376_n.jpg 
The kids love singing hymns.
  Learning hymns. photo 576697_10200656454884199_1629359278_n.jpg  photo 164467_10200656455324210_1391686569_n.jpg
We made this sign for the window. Yes I did terrible outlining the letters, 
but the kids did great coloring them in.
  The kids made this to hang in the window. photo 522603_10200656413283159_1002046010_n.jpg 
The kids made Easter bookmarks to give to friends.
   photo 3532_10200656417043253_205850662_n.jpg Making Easter bookmarks for friends. photo 559825_10200656416963251_1558230112_n.jpg  photo 418824_10200656416483239_762782680_n.jpg
We made butterflies to remind us of the Resurrection and our new life in Christ.  photo 487930_10200656406042978_1708971499_n.jpg Making butterflies to remind us of the Resurrection and new life in Christ. photo 393609_10200656405362961_461467922_n.jpg  photo 625502_10200656405202957_1526764609_n.jpg  photo 45416_10200656407043003_818722017_n.jpg  photo 1738_10200656406682994_1626193181_n.jpg  photo 299917_10200656407363011_488576886_n.jpg  photo 482375_10200656409003052_1921198567_n.jpg  photo 549800_10200656409123055_769722301_n.jpg  photo 45684_10200656408643043_2065418718_n.jpg  photo 735203_10200656406842998_1749133196_n.jpg 
The kids worked on Easter cards for family.
   photo 6322_10200658551536614_1842909910_n.jpg  photo 575970_10200658551616616_416694818_n.jpg  photo 577964_10200658550376585_1769574589_n.jpg  photo 487722_10200658550056577_807149258_n.jpg 
We learned about St. Patrick with this book and this video, and had a little celebration.  photo 576827_10200658551976625_2127353278_n.jpg Green Milk! photo 66998_10200658552216631_1497553911_n.jpg  photo 576030_10200658552816646_1390832496_n.jpg  photo 484650_10200658552536639_193491932_n.jpg  photo 483799_10200658553696668_1795973416_n.jpg
We also took a nature walk and kept our eyes peeled for things that reminded us of the life of Christ.
 A spear and the cornerstone.
  Spear! photo 1653_10200656383842423_699753394_n.jpg The Corner Stone! photo 599163_10200656392402637_744823645_n.jpg
Living water.
   photo 393577_10200656396922750_346697399_n.jpg  photo 733918_10200656395282709_2044046429_n.jpg 
Purple flowers for royalty and suffering.
  A nature walk looking for things that remind us of the life of Christ. The kids came up with these. :)Purple flowers for royalty and suffering. photo 45214_10200656381482364_1594364969_n.jpg 
  Thorns. photo 426563_10200656380522340_1994717988_n.jpg Crown of thorns. photo 522710_10200656385002452_561707653_n.jpg 
Straight and narrow and the stone that rolled away.
  Straight and narrow. photo 29014_10200656384642443_2055343398_n.jpg The round stone at the tomb. photo 63000_10200656387002502_397081715_n.jpg 
A vine and a cross.
  A vine. photo 483729_10200656387242508_1278295855_n.jpg Cross from twigs. photo 734010_10200656391162606_1415195394_n.jpg 
Clovers that remind us of the trinity.
  Clovers for St. Patrick. They remind us of the trinity. photo 64314_10200656393882674_803276634_n.jpg  photo 559818_10200656391402612_43051171_n.jpg 
We also found an Ent by accident.
  An Ent lives at Susan Creek Falls. photo 576720_10200656385562466_1809726963_n.jpg  photo 531529_10200656386362486_1471495093_n.jpg 
I hope that you are all taking time to reflect on the life and work of Christ this Lenten season.


Trish @ A House Upon The Rock said...

What fun memories the children will have of the things you have been doing during this season.

Love the reinforcement of seeing the Lord in the world around us.

Thank you so much for sharing with us.


Hen Jen said...

looks like a really full and blessed week, thanks for sharing!