Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tot School!

Tot School

Buttercup is 20 months.

Buttercup enjoying the beach!

Watching the big kids play outside!

She is in love with Brainy Babies. I discovered they were available on SkyAngel.

Instrument time!

Stamping fun!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up!

Well I'm actually gonna combine the last two weeks because I haven't blog in a couple weeks. I also haven't taken many pictures lately. School is still going well for the most part, and I just got some new books from Amazon that I'm excited about. I ordered two more Draw Write Now books, so we would have more animals to draw. I also bought a book called Around the World in 80 Tales. We are gonna use it for Geography time. It is a gorgeous book! One other book I got is called Giant Science Resource Book: Grades 1-6. I'll let you know how we like them. Last weekend we took a trip to the beach, last chance of the summer. On Monday the kid's found themselves a new pet kitty who decided to adopt us. They have named him blacky. My husband of course took pitty on it and fed it so he is still here. Today he gave us a scare when we came home the kids couldn't find him. After much searching we found him stuck in one of our trees. The poor thing was too scared to come down. My husband was able to rescue him with his ladder, and now he is in our laundry room. We also got Buster a Jr. sized acoustic guitar, and daddy is teaching him some notes.

The waves were huge, and the boys got soaked!

The girls and I just played in the sand.

The kids were cleaning up the porch after a bird seed mess from making pinecone bird feeders.
Buster was happy about it at least.

The girls discovered Brainy Babies and they can't get enough.

Instrument fun!
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Friday, September 11, 2009

Tot School!

Buttercup loves to paint!

We lined all the blocks up to make a road.

Driving on the blocks

It takes super concentration to line them up just right.

Buttercups first pony tail.

Weekly Wrap Up!

After taking last week off we dove back into school this week. The kids are continuing to to do well, and it is fun to see them learning so much. Sweetpea is really into school, and there is no leaving her out. If school is going on she is right there. I have started showing her how to sound out three letter words and she is catching on pretty well. Buster did a great job drawing butterflies this week. Drawing is really not his thing, but he is doing a lot better with the Draw Write Now books.

Sweetpea loves to paint.

Buster did his first experiment for science, and he and daddy started chapter two this week. He is using Apologia Land Animals. He really impressed daddy how well he remembered chapter 1.

After we came home from our trip last weekend our butterflies hatched.
We released them on Monday. They flew out one by one never to be seen again.

This poor one was crippled. We were going to just leave it in the cage, but it kept trying to climb out to freedom. My husband put it on one of our rose bushes.

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The Oregon Zoo!

We all had a great time at the Oregon Zoo last week. We haven't been before, but we will definitely go back in the future.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


My dh was on vacation last week, so we took the week off of school. Not to say any learning didn't happen. On Tuesday we went to Enchanted Forest(it's a small theme park) The kids had a blast there! After that we went camping for two nights at Silver Falls. We had never been there before, and it was a really neat place. Of course we enjoyed all the usual camping fun, smores, hotdogs, campfires, dirt, and more. We also did some hiking and swimming. There is a beautiful canyon full of waterfalls. We hiked down to one of them and viewed the other main one from the look out. On Wednesday evening we were able to attend a class they had about owls. Buster really enjoyed it. Thursday we left and headed for Portland where we stayed the night and checked out the Oregon Zoo on Friday. The Zoo was awesome, and I will post pics of that soon. Here are the pictures of Enchanted Forest and Camping. We got home late Friday, and two of our butterflies hatched Saturday morning followed by the other 3 Sunday. Pictures to come.