Friday, August 30, 2013

First week of school!

We started our new school year this past Monday and since this week the Not Back to School Blog Hop topic is a day in the life. I thought I would give you a run down of how are school days go and do our weekly wrap up all in one post.

We kicked off our school year on Sunday with Schultuete(school cones), and an About me form I found on Pinterest for each kid.
Schultuete(School Cones) photo 560848_10201757110839910_542452983_n.jpg 
 In the cones were candies, some dollar tree mad libs, bookmarks, a new shirt, a new character cup, a toy, a glow stick, and some other random things. 
Here they are telling everyone what answers they gave to the questions. This year Buster says he wants to be a Cop, Sweetpea said Chef, Buttercup said Dancer/Singer/Artist, and Buddy said a Teacher.
  photo 1175314_10201757110639905_1464092289_n.jpg  photo 1236078_10201757109959888_68985255_n.jpg  photo 9881_10201757109919887_1413142532_n.jpg Reading her About Me paper! photo 1240650_10201757109759883_1128191500_n.jpg  photo 1003366_10201757118720107_755774352_n.jpg  photo 996569_10201757118440100_2117456700_n.jpg  photo 1280858_10201757118240095_1274154132_n.jpg  photo 1231615_10201757117120067_209965590_n.jpg 
 Ok so on to a day in the life or week as it were. This school year I am running 4 Heart of Dakota guides so the easiest way I saw to keep things running smoothly was to plan to have one block of time for me to devote to each kid before lunch and one after lunch. The other kids either play or do independent work while I'm working with one. Here is a run down of a day around here: 
I set my alarm for 7:30 and usually get up a few minutes before that. The kids generally roll out of bed in this order, Buster, Buddy, Sweetpea, and then Buttercup. Sometimes the girls switch places but they are always last. Then we all eat breakfast. Once everyone is dressed and has eaten and I have my coffee ready we start school.
  photo 1237814_10201757095519527_337450597_n.jpg 
For the first block I work with Buttercup on Bible, Math, and Phonics. 
 photo 1240494_10201757096439550_1545620583_n.jpg 
 During this time Buster does Bible Quiet Time, Poetry, and Science Exploration.  photo 1235275_10201757094559503_416849914_n.jpg 
 Sweetpea does her Handwriting, Hymn, and Explode the Code. 
 photo 66793_10201757094919512_1291156357_n.jpg 
 Buddy plays or does a workbook.
  photo 1186071_10201757097839585_264627269_n.jpg  photo 1150883_10201757061878686_1749859005_n.jpg 
For the second block I work with Sweetpea on Bible Study, Math,Language Arts(Grammar, Spelling, Phonics.) Reading, and Poetry.
  photo 999774_10201757102879711_347676339_n.jpg  photo 999611_10201757058798609_1201254670_n.jpg 
 While I'm working with her Buster is finishing the other subjects I mentioned and if he finishes before I'm done he moves on to either his Drawn Into the Heart of Reading book(He is reading the Hobbit right now.), or Spelling.
  photo 1208747_10201757097559578_730872758_n.jpg 
 photo 1000337_10201757096799559_396080293_n.jpg
Buttercup does Handwriting or Fine Motor Skills, and Buddy plays or watches a short video.

 For the third block I work with Buster on Math, Language Arts(Grammar, Writing, Spelling, Dictation, DITHOR.), and Logic. At this point the other three kids are generally engrossed in play and making a mess creating towns of toys or towers etc. While I'm working with Buster I generally am able to get something going for lunch while making sure he is keeping on task.

Finally for the fourth block I have Buddy do his alphabet or number activity if he has one.
  photo 1239391_10201757061438675_807089181_n.jpg  photo 1209019_10201757068398849_1799966112_n.jpg 
After lunch is eaten we go outside for recess. 
  photo 1236683_10201757098959613_643825883_n.jpg  photo 1174746_10201757098719607_507281653_n.jpg 
After Recess we have circle time. During this time we do Spanish, Composer Study, Artists Study, Catechism, Music, Folk Tales, and Geography. We do not do all of these daily. Usually about three things from this list per day.
  photo 8564_10201757100279646_1884223721_n.jpg  photo 1002635_10201757100159643_1176298198_n.jpg  photo 1148906_10201757084759258_1217720152_n.jpg 
Next I start our afternoon blocks. Buddy goes first and this is when I read to him from his Bible and a picture book, he practices his letter sounds, we do any other Little Hands activities, and listen to his Bible songs.  photo 1157717_10201757100879661_603573417_n.jpg  photo 1240545_10201757084799259_1015704379_n.jpg 
 Buttercup comes next. During this time we do Storytime, History, Science, Rhyme, and her other activities/crafts/games.
  photo 1185347_10201757101239670_1072624033_n.jpg  photo 1234426_10201757102519702_1598848513_n.jpg  photo 1173684_10201757084719257_1244990578_n.jpg 
While I'm working with the other kids Buster is doing his History Reading, Independent History, and History Project. Sweetpea is playing with either Buddy or Buttercup.
  photo 1176404_10201757102279696_640774903_n.jpg  photo 1185548_10201757101719682_1944946198_n.jpg 
Once I finish with Buttercup I do Storytime, History, Science, and any other activities/projects/notebooking/crafts/vocabulary/geography etc. with Sweetpea. Some of these I can get her started on and leave her to finish while I move on to Buster.
  photo 1240245_10201757102039690_65775959_n.jpg 
For the final block I do Storytime, Geography and Bible Study with Buster.

Last but not least the kids are all required to do one chore before they can begin free time. At this time I clean up our school mess and stock our buckets for the next days work. The buckets are then placed on the floor by the book shelf so the table is clear for dinner. Once this is done I start dinner.

This is how are days go Monday-Thursday. On Friday we do a light morning of school(Spelling test, handwriting, Reading, and Khan Academy for Buster.), and then we have a mini co-op with my sister and sister in-law. We have 10 kids all together. Here is what we did this week.


Mary said...

Wow- you are running four different guides? I am impressed!

I love the first day cones.

Frau Guten Tag said...

Just curious what you're using for Spanish & how you like?

Abbie Steffensen said...
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Frau Guten Tag said...

Thank you so much, my son is only 4, but so far I have a couple of DVDs from Your Baby Can Read & from Lil Pim as well. Just looking for ideas on what to do next.....I know Alpha Omega has CD Rom Spanish starting at grade 3, but I have a couple of years to cover before I get there still.

Eclectic Homeschooling said...

I like how you do the blocks for the different kids.

Adamant Academy said...

We do cones too! Ours have started to get a bit smaller though lol! Love your scheduling

Abbie Steffensen said...

Yeah they turned out bigger than I expected. We used poster board. There really wasn't that much stuff in them but they look huge. lol

Whispered Abundance said...

Wow! 4 guides...and I'm stressing with starting 3 :) ...and one of mine is even doing the guide independently.

Thanks for sharing your blocks of time.


Chef Penny said...

What a great schedule! I am still struggling with how to get it all done. Love the cones!