Monday, August 19, 2013

Student Photo Week!

That's right folks it is Student Photo week for the Not back to School Blog hop. Thanks to my father in-law for fixing my camera and to my husband for taking these pictures, I have pictures for you today! So without further ado here they are: 

Buster age 10, 5th grade!
  photo 1185207_10201683923450271_671497301_n.jpg  photo 994910_10201683922730253_1640184970_n.jpg 
 Sweetpea age 7/8, 2nd Grade!
  photo 1000581_10201683918730153_1041205424_n.jpg  photo 536952_10201683920450196_806131241_n.jpg 
 Buttercup age 5/6, Kindergarten!
  photo 559763_10201683917530123_1611927274_n.jpg  photo 1157443_10201683918650151_1801559284_n.jpg 
Buddy age 3/4, Preschool!
  photo 602757_10201683916050086_1859660204_n.jpg  photo 1170698_10201683916250091_2028224372_n.jpg
This week we are doing what I'm calling math camp, which is just a math review week, and we will start our regular school year next Monday! I will post some first day pictures next week!

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