Friday, February 16, 2007

My Little Man!!!

My little man had his first dental work done yesterday. I took him in to the dentist in November, and found out he had some cavities. They scheduled an appt. for July, but my husband wanted me to try and get him in sooner. So I called and was able to get him in yesterday because of a cancellation. I was so nervous for him that he would freak out and scream. Last time we were in there a girl who was getting worked on screamed the whole time. But to my amazement my little boy was a little trooper he barely fussed at all even for the two shots. I think he was calmer than I was watching. The dentist even mistook him for a Kindergartner and I had to correct him. The funniest part was yesterday at dinner he asked me when he got to go back to the dentist LOL. So much for all my worrying!