Thursday, June 6, 2013

Update and end of school year!

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We did it we finished our 2012-2013 school year! I really feel like it was our best year yet but I am excited to have a break. All of the kids worked really hard this year and learned a ton. Buster finished Preparing Hearts For His Glory and he really enjoyed all of the books we/he read. It was really fun for him to be able to show daddy everything he learned about this year by going through his science and history notebooks together. I already packed up Preparing and put out Creation to Christ. I'm excited for Buster to do that in the fall. It looks awesome! Sweetpea finish Beyond Little Hearts and up to Unit 7 day 4 of Bigger Hearts. She will continue with Bigger Hearts all of next year. Buttercup finished her preschool work and up to unit 6 day 2 of Little Hearts. I had her stop at that point because that was the end of the first storytime book. I didn't want her to wait all summer to fins out what happened if we started a new one. She will continue with Little Hearts all of next year. Buddy is really getting into doing his preschool workbooks and he loves that he goes first for storytime. I have been reading to him out of A Child's First Bible and a picture book every day. He loves reading time and listens really well. He will start Little Hands to Heaven in the fall.
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My husband finished Exploring Creation Zoology 2 and started Exploring Creation with Botany. They will continue with that throughout the summer and start Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy in the fall.

The kids made it a little over halfway through memorizing their Catechisms. We will do the second half next year. We read about Bach, and Beethoven and enjoyed their music. We also learned about Degas, Van Gogh, DaVinci, and Raphael. We are up to lesson 37 in Getting Started With Spanish, and I hope to do some review this summer.

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Sweetpea played soccer this spring and she really enjoyed it. Buttercup is doing swim lessons and finally started swimming really well and she absolutely loves to swim now. Buster is still doing swim team and loving it. He had a meet in May and shaved 19 seconds off his 50 back. He was so excited about that and so were his coaches. This summer Buster will continue swim team, Sweetpea will be doing the top level of swim lessons/pre-swim team, and Buttercup is taking the rest of June off of swim lessons and might do them again in July and August. The times for her lessons changed and there isn't really a good time.

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Other than swimming we will be enjoying the sun this summer. The kids will continue reading and do a bit of math review and some handwriting practice. We also are working on some home improvement projects this spring/summer. Buster will be going to his first kids camp and we have VBS. I plan to get a post up sometime this summer about our plans for the 2013-2014 school year.