Friday, August 29, 2008


Well I noticed Buttercup had a fever Monday morning and it lasted until Thursday morning. It was kinda puzzling me because other than being a little cranky she had no other symptoms. I even took her to the Dr. on Wednesday because her fever was over 103 on Tuesday night. He said she looked fine and it was most likely a virus. Well thursday evening I noticed a rash on her trunk and head, so I looked online and apparently she has Roseola. The symptoms sounded exactly like what she has. At least it is not dangerous and will just go away on it's own. The other kids never had it so it's a new one on me. I have no idea where she got it, but my guess would be from one of the many thing she crams in her mouth ;)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Started school!

Well we started school this week, so buster is a Kindergartener now. I can hardly believe it myself. Since we are homeschooling his K year started with little hoopla or tears, but has been exciting none the less. Both kids have done very well with our new schedule, and curriculum. Sweetpea has suprised me the most, she has pretty much been there with Buster the whole time. She works in her little preschool workbooks, or plays with playdoh when Buster and I are doing his math and phonics books. Everything else I do with them together. This week we have been reading a book called The Bee Tree, and talking alot about bee's and honey. Today I had a outline of a bee hive and I asked Buster to tell me a little story he wanted to right on it. It was really cute because he dictated to me what it should say I wrote it on the white board and he copied it to the page. "The little bee went in the tree" That is what he told me to right. I thought it was so cute how it rhymed. I intended to take pictures and such, but we have been so busy with learning and house sitting for my mom that I never took any. I will try to take some and post them soon. Buttercup has been sick this week also. I will keep you updated through out the year on how it is going.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First tooth, school room, Avon calling!

Well we spent the whole weekend turning the laundry room into a laundry/school room for the kids. They are really excited about it, and I plan to start school with them next week :) Yesterday buttercup got her first tooth. She is starting to crawl up on hands and knees now, and growing fast. We got a bag on the door the other day from the Avon lady, and in it was one of those tiny lipstick samples. I let sweetpea try some on that day, and she thought it was great. The next day she was supposed to be napping, and I checked on her and found a very red face. Thanks avon lady ;)

School Room

The Girls

Playing Doll-House

Lipstick(kinda looks like a clown)

Monday, August 11, 2008

A little update!

Well our vacation went great, but oh so fast. The kids had a blast, and I'm exhausted. We went camping at the beach for a few days. After our air matress failure last year we decided to stay in a cabin. I reserved one back in April. The cabin was much better than a tent, but still rugged enough for the kiddos. We had alot of fun at the beach, tidepools, dunes, and of course by the campfire. My sister and her family joined us at our camp ground for one of the nights. We also got to hang out with them the next day. All the kids had too much fun and were sufficiently dirty by the time we got home. I posted a slideshow below. Well this will have to do for now, because I must go watch the olympics now. I hope you are all enjoying them as much as I am. I thought the opening ceremonies were amazing.

Vacation 08

Monday, August 4, 2008


We are on vacation this week! We will be taking off tomorrow to go camping, and we won't be back until late Thursday. My brother's kids are visiting this week, and we got to hang out with them on Sunday :) I will give an update later of all the things we did this week. Here are a couple pictures to hold you over until then:

My nephews, neice, and cousin rocking out to smoke on the water with their Wii:

And yet a few more pics of buttercup from Sunday
Nice Tounge

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dedication and family pictures.

Well our little buttercup was dedicated today at church, and my cousin took some family pics for us after church. Here is some that I thought were really good.

Wow a leaf

Sweet baby girl


I love this pic :)


The family 08