Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Started school!

Well we started school this week, so buster is a Kindergartener now. I can hardly believe it myself. Since we are homeschooling his K year started with little hoopla or tears, but has been exciting none the less. Both kids have done very well with our new schedule, and curriculum. Sweetpea has suprised me the most, she has pretty much been there with Buster the whole time. She works in her little preschool workbooks, or plays with playdoh when Buster and I are doing his math and phonics books. Everything else I do with them together. This week we have been reading a book called The Bee Tree, and talking alot about bee's and honey. Today I had a outline of a bee hive and I asked Buster to tell me a little story he wanted to right on it. It was really cute because he dictated to me what it should say I wrote it on the white board and he copied it to the page. "The little bee went in the tree" That is what he told me to right. I thought it was so cute how it rhymed. I intended to take pictures and such, but we have been so busy with learning and house sitting for my mom that I never took any. I will try to take some and post them soon. Buttercup has been sick this week also. I will keep you updated through out the year on how it is going.

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Yeah, School... Sounds like they are having fun.