Friday, August 29, 2008


Well I noticed Buttercup had a fever Monday morning and it lasted until Thursday morning. It was kinda puzzling me because other than being a little cranky she had no other symptoms. I even took her to the Dr. on Wednesday because her fever was over 103 on Tuesday night. He said she looked fine and it was most likely a virus. Well thursday evening I noticed a rash on her trunk and head, so I looked online and apparently she has Roseola. The symptoms sounded exactly like what she has. At least it is not dangerous and will just go away on it's own. The other kids never had it so it's a new one on me. I have no idea where she got it, but my guess would be from one of the many thing she crams in her mouth ;)


;-) said...
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;-) said...

Sorry your littlest one is sick! I am praying for her.

Faerylandmom said...

Sunshine got that right before we drove to Louisiana to visit friends...she's none the worse for wear, but I do remember being a bit freaked out.

Nice to know that God designed their little bodies in such a way that they really do heal themselves most of the time, isn't it?