Monday, August 12, 2013

Our School Area!

It is school room week for the Not Back to School Blog Hop! We don't exactly have a school room but we do have an area that has most of our school things in it. It is actually our dining room. Even though we do school in other random locations in our house I'm just going to show you the dining area and where we keep our games and preschool activities.

 photo DSC04044_zps2a6dd026.jpg
This is where we do all of our seat work.  photo DSC04045_zps810be9b7.jpg
This book shelf has preschool/picture books on the top shelf, the second shelf has some random extra books, and the bottom shelf of both books shelves has all of my children's lit organized by genre, which makes it easier to select DITHR and storytime books.  photo ce6dda7e-30ab-4934-892e-0b22c8fea73e_zps42fdcb2a.jpg 
 photo ddc76119-eb6a-4e4e-a08c-6d9e077584e1_zps7ff66dcc.jpg  photo b3f4c921-e19b-430e-a40e-be17ce9822d3_zps05ab07b7.jpg
This bookshelf has the girls main curricula on the top shelf, the boys on the middle shelf along with drawing, composer, artist, catechism, and geography books.
  photo 6a83b8cc-b0b8-4e62-9d92-1e98629e6745_zps92c36841.jpg 
Paper stash! 
 photo DSC04051_zps69517d5b.jpg 
Art Supplies. The kids had fun helping me re-organize these.  photo DSC04050_zpsc9208eea.jpg 
My extra teaching supplies stash and my Nook.
  photo DSC04052_zpsab3bc287.jpg 
Pencil sharpener, tape dispenser, stapler, math manipulatives, etc.  photo DSC04053_zps9a599a41.jpg 
More Manipulatives, Toob toys, and CD's.  photo DSC04054_zps60fa967f.jpg 
 I just bought these two new wall maps at Walmart.
  photo 558cda64-e22b-45f5-b02e-a9aa789821cb_zps37b4ff39.jpg 
Wall calendar, extra supplies, kids pencil boxes, coloring books, and book basket.  photo DSC04048_zps6d113124.jpg 
Preschool/Kindergarten activity shelf in the laundry room. The days of the week stickers are old and I don't use that system any more.
  photo 63b13dbc-dc5b-4561-947f-78d9b4c249e5_zps5ee92897.jpg 
Our game, puzzles, and extra craft supply shelf. Also in the laundry room.  photo DSC04058_zpse29107f2.jpg 
 School pets. Stick bugs and a pair of leopard geckos. These were both given to us.  photo DSC04061_zps45840ef6.jpg  photo DSC04057_zps20fe5459.jpg 
The pets also live in the laundry room. 
That is about it for this week stay tuned for Student Photo Week and Day In the Life Week. 

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Rachel @ day2day joys said...

Hey There Abbie, I'm Rachel from the fb group. Love all your pictures, my son would love to have "classroom" pets but we better not, we got little crabs last year and they died lol!

Great room!