Monday, August 5, 2013

2013/2014 Curriculum Plans!

Can you believe that it is already that time of year again?
The summer is flying by and we only have 3 more weeks of summer vacation. I'm joining in for the Not Back To School Blog hop again this August and this week is curriculum week. So here is my annual what we will be using post!
I will start with my youngest and go up. This fall I will have a 5th, 2nd, K, and Preschooler.

Buddy Preschool:
 photo DSC04017_zpsf8b1f5c7.jpg
Little Hands to Heaven 1st half
Rod and Staff 3/4 preschool workbooks
Kumon Workbooks
Christian Liberty Press Nature reader K to go along with the letters of the alphabet.
and a bunch of picture books.We do one a day.
 photo DSC04025_zpseba5c4f6.jpg  photo DSC04026_zps2f3109a9.jpg  photo DSC04027_zps56f0907f.jpg
Buttercup Kindergarten:
  photo DSC04023_zps1e44647f.jpg
Little Hearts For His Glory(Picking up in Unit 6)
Handwriting Without Tears K
Singapore Essentials K A/B
All About Reading 1
Rod And Staff ABC and GHI Series
Kumon Workbooks
 photo DSC04024_zps79faacad.jpg
Sweetpea 2nd grade:
  photo DSC04021_zps5454b250.jpg
Bigger Hearts For His Glory(picking up in unit 7) This covers History(US History), Science, Poetry, Bible, Grammar, Math, Reading, Geography, Vocabulary, Arts and Crafts, Hymns and more.  photo DSC04022_zps01bea04b.jpg
Storytime selections.
  photo DSC04020_zps95ce69d9.jpg
A Reason For Handwriting T the cursive section, and Pentime 2.
Heart of Dakota Emergent Readers and more. You can find the list here she is on Days With Frog and Toad right now.
Rod and Staff English 2 and Spelling 2
ETC end of 4 and 5 She has a few pages left in Phonics Pathways and part of Reading Pathways Singapore Primary math 2a/2b US
Ruth Heller grammar books
  photo DSC04019_zps6f98595e.jpg
Buster 5th grade:
  photo DSC04038_zpsaa517076.jpg
Hearts For Him Through Time Creation to Christ. This will cover History, Science, Geography, Bible, Poetry(Robert Frost Poems), Water color painting, Grammar, Writing, Dictation, Math, Literature, Crafts/Projects, and more.
  photo DSC04039_zps74f0a54e.jpg
Rod and Staff English 4 and Spelling 4
Write With the Best
Pentime 4
Singapore Primary Math 5a/5b US
Logic Countdown and Logic Liftoff
 photo DSC04041_zps104855bb.jpg
Drawn Into the Hearts of Reading 4/5
He will do the literature study with: The Hobbit, The Secret Garden, The Little Prince, Rabbit Hill, and The Saturdays.
He chose the following books just to read: Childhood of Famous Americans George Washington, Johnny Tremain, Moho Wat, and Gentle Ben.
  photo DSC04040_zps5bba5e64.jpg
For everyone together:
  photo DSC04018_zps0c876f91.jpg
Spanish: Getting Started With Spanish continue from last year. Salsa Spanish videos and Instant Replay videos.
Composer study: Haydn, Tchaikovsky, and Handel using Opal Wheeler bios and Music. Carnival of the Animals.
Artist Study: Norman Rockwell, Michelangelo, Picasso and Rembrandt.
Catechism: Second half of Big Truths For Little Kids
Geography using the Holling C Holling books, Paddle to the Sea, Seabird, Trail in the Tree, and Minn of the Mississipi.
Fables/Stories: The Burgess Bird Book For Children(finish reading), The Blue Fairy Book, Indian Fables, and Tales From The Arabian Nights.
Drawing: Draw Write Now and Usborne Playtime books. We use these sometimes for notebooking assignments as well.
  photo DSC04043_zpsde468820.jpg
Music Appreciation: Folk Songs(Wee Sing on Spotify), Christmas Carols, Hymns, and Patriotic Songs(Wee Sing America) I have our year divided up into four segments so in general we will be going over one thing from each of these categories at a time.
With Dad:
  photo DSC04042_zpsa9029a95.jpg
Apologia Botany(They are part way into this) Apologia Anatomy(second half of school year) Missionary Bios: Gladys Alyward, George Muller, Wilfred Grinfell, Amy Carmichael.

I forgot to add PE to the list.
Buster will continue with Swim Team, Sweetpea is currently in the last level of Swim lessons before team and will continue that in the fall. She will most likely play spring rec soccer. Buttercup will start up swim lessons again in the fall and may do spring rec soccer as well. Buddy will start swim lessons when he turns 4. Other than these things the kids are always getting exercise in other ways. ;)


Alicia said...

Thank you for sharing your list. It always fascinates me to read what others are doing in the year. I'm a little nervous about the new year coming up my little one is now old enough for "school". Looking forward to new beginnings though!

Cara said...

You are one organized homeschoolin' mama! Love it! So many books!

Happy NOT Back to School!

Lori said...

I love seeing what others are using. Thank you for sharing what you are doing. I need to get on the ball and type up what we are going to use. Thanks for the motivation!