Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer time!

Well this summer has been really busy and packed with fun, and we have really been trying to enjoy the time off from school. Buster and Sweetpea have still been reading and doing a bit of handwriting practice but other than that we haven't done any school work. The girls are doing a once a week art class at our church and they really enjoy that. The kids also have had the chance to play with cousins from out of town. My husbands brother and fam were up in June and had a new baby in July, and my brother and his kids were here visiting yesterday. My big kids got to spend the night with them and have some fun. Buster is continuing swim team through the summer and Sweetpea is now in the Shark level of swim lessons which is kind of a transition class between lessons and team. Buttercup is taking the summer off of swim lessons because there was not a good time for her class. I have been trying to take her to open swim time and she is swimming like a fish. Also my nice camera broke so I was without a camera for most of June and these pictures are not the best since they were taken on a  little point and shoot. Other than this here is some of the things we have been up to. 
 Board game time!
  photo 599539_10201349591532182_1748227242_n.jpg 
4th of July!
 photo 942339_10201349593132222_1124281385_n.jpg  photo 994209_10201349595812289_1677479148_n.jpg  photo 1002287_10201349603732487_496521232_n.jpg 
Waiting for the city fireworks! 
 photo 1005943_10201349607412579_204052203_n.jpg  photo 1010555_10201349607012569_1708669923_n.jpg 
Berry picking!
  photo 1003828_10201349610612659_1976647680_n.jpg  photo 936442_10201349610692661_770652975_n.jpg  photo 1044700_10201349611492681_576735899_n.jpg 
Our half price fireworks.
  photo 969132_10201349614332752_1071637691_n.jpg  photo 998334_10201349613852740_1704231797_n.jpg 
Slip and slide and fireworks!
  photo 1045140_10201356452703707_1782165321_n.jpg  photo 1014120_10201356455543778_53590898_n.jpg  photo 970964_10201356452303697_1836348899_n.jpg  photo 7998_10201356460383899_474744365_n.jpg 
Park time!
  photo 1004819_10201471541020843_2013645193_n.jpg  photo 1069245_10201471544820938_943325071_n.jpg  photo 969937_10201471548061019_839332027_n.jpg 
Buster turned 10 and had a Hobbit sleepover!  photo 1069930_10201396724710482_954771340_n.jpg  photo 1001486_10201396307780059_956861894_n.jpg  photo 1011135_10201396304299972_1052107121_n.jpg  photo 1003477_10201396298539828_908346814_n.jpg  photo 970418_10201396729910612_644466937_n.jpg 
Graffiti night cruise!
  photo 1004067_10201404024172964_1755668488_n.jpg 
Buster got to ride in a friends car for a spin around the parade route.  photo 1000129_10201404024212965_274122959_n.jpg  photo 1070102_10201404010372619_2027929478_n.jpg 
Buttercup with cousin E!
  photo 1000083_10201404010652626_1419335533_n.jpg 
I'm starting to think ahead to this coming school year and getting things ready. Hopefully I will be able to post soon about curriculum and such.  

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