Monday, August 19, 2013

Sweetpea's Baptism!

Look who got baptized on Sunday the 4th of August! 
My awesome sister in-law captured these photos for me.
 photo 64327_10201570372211561_1458248960_n.jpg  photo 993958_10201570373291588_1755006049_n.jpg  photo 993936_10201570374331614_2116121165_n.jpg  photo 1001111_10201570374851627_237618321_n.jpg  photo 1001223_10201570375051632_1458070236_n.jpg  photo 1004832_10201570375531644_884785319_n.jpg  photo 970663_10201570376251662_522049310_n.jpg
Sweetpea was so happy and she even picked out her favorite dress to wear!

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Ceil said...

Hi Abbie! So nice to find your blog today!

Congratulations on the baptism of your daughter. She sure looks pleased, doesn't she? I hope she wasn't too nervous?

It's fun that your pastor, and his helper were both in such bright colors too :)

Happy to meet you!