Wednesday, September 9, 2009


My dh was on vacation last week, so we took the week off of school. Not to say any learning didn't happen. On Tuesday we went to Enchanted Forest(it's a small theme park) The kids had a blast there! After that we went camping for two nights at Silver Falls. We had never been there before, and it was a really neat place. Of course we enjoyed all the usual camping fun, smores, hotdogs, campfires, dirt, and more. We also did some hiking and swimming. There is a beautiful canyon full of waterfalls. We hiked down to one of them and viewed the other main one from the look out. On Wednesday evening we were able to attend a class they had about owls. Buster really enjoyed it. Thursday we left and headed for Portland where we stayed the night and checked out the Oregon Zoo on Friday. The Zoo was awesome, and I will post pics of that soon. Here are the pictures of Enchanted Forest and Camping. We got home late Friday, and two of our butterflies hatched Saturday morning followed by the other 3 Sunday. Pictures to come.


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Cool I think I need to do the butterflies sometime the kids would love it.