Saturday, March 2, 2013

An Impromtu Trip!

We got our tax refund a couple of weeks ago and my husband decided we should take a quick weekend trip somewhere. We decided to head south because it has been awhile since we went that way. I found a couple of educational places I wanted to check out and we took off. A friend of ours told us about a Rock museum so we stopped there first. It was called Crater Rock Museum and the kids loved it. If you want to see a lot of rocks in place this is the place for you. Also the price was pretty low. Crater Rock Museum! photo 560343_10200474311210721_934954594_n.jpg  photo 68948_10200474313410776_5108161_n.jpg  photo 21884_10200474314410801_234876428_n.jpg  photo 527878_10200474314890813_1708808322_n.jpg 
 After the rock museum we checked out Jacksonville. I remember going to a museum there when I was a kid but we couldn't find it, so we checked out the cemetery.
 Jacksonville Cemetery. photo 551296_10200474315450827_1020247831_n.jpg  photo 16927_10200474315890838_114089784_n.jpg  photo 13072_10200474316210846_1060556702_n.jpg 
The next day we headed to Ashland and visited the Science Works Children's Museum. It was pretty similar to some other places we have been, but the kids enjoyed it. Science Works, Ashland Oregon. photo 521523_10200474322250997_1519977507_n.jpg  photo 558156_10200474322571005_1144598571_n.jpg  photo 64396_10200474323251022_42070522_n.jpg  photo 560470_10200474323491028_2084483972_n.jpg  photo 45672_10200474325731084_856848008_n.jpg  photo 58461_10200474325891088_376340885_n.jpg  photo 184285_10200474326051092_2051076437_n.jpg  photo 574483_10200474326691108_409130800_n.jpg  photo 58433_10200474330251197_82437425_n.jpg  photo 307323_10200474330131194_706513662_n.jpg  photo 36596_10200474330811211_263310856_n.jpg  photo 600047_10200474331571230_435374850_n.jpg 
After the museum we went to Lithia park and took a walk.
  photo 601996_10200474332131244_406434106_n.jpg  photo 31446_10200474333011266_1857666116_n.jpg 
On the way home we stopped in Golden Oregon, which is a tiny old Gold rush town that is just a ghost town now. Only a few of the original buildings are still there. The kids thought it was great fun running around and checking them out. 
Oh, and Buster didn't actually kick this building. ;)
 Golden Oregon. photo 46852_10200474332771260_1778735774_n.jpg  photo 179286_10200474335331324_936446806_n.jpg  photo 525037_10200474334851312_968841189_n.jpg  photo 426166_10200474336091343_1395204663_n.jpg  photo 559691_10200474333411276_2084614156_n.jpg  photo 64766_10200474334011291_1840679109_n.jpg  photo 75540_10200474334291298_2060754915_n.jpg 
In the end the kids thought we had a great time and I checked a few field trips off of my list!

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