Sunday, December 2, 2007

New post finally!

Well I'm finally posting an update and some pics. I went in to see my CNM on Thursday, and I got the medication I needed for my itching. So far the itching has gotten better, but not totally gone. After my CNM and I were talking over what was going on I reminded her of the medicine I took last time. She went to check my records and figure out how much I needed. When she was on the computer she looked at my blood work from when I was pregnant with sweetpea. She called me over to see, and we both had forgotten it wasn't my bile salts that were elavated it was my LFT's. It turned out that they had not check my LFT's yet so I had to have my blood drawn again. They will probably let me know next week how that turned out. My next appt. is Dec. 13th and I will be having another ultrasound to check the babies size, and to check on the umbillical cyst. I will update on that later. Here are some pics from November you might enjoy.

First day of our advent:

Hanging out with cousins

The kids were rearranging their clothes

Sweetpea's first time sleeping in a big girl bed. If only she would stay there all night.

Sweetpea sprinkled her own cookie (with the whole jar of sprinkles)

Pretty Dress

Advent calendar my hubby and I made:


Anonymous said...

Wow, your home looks like the slightly ordered chaos that mine is!
Isn't it great!?!

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;-) said...

Great job on the advent calendar! I like it!
I also want a cookie like Katherine.