Monday, November 26, 2007

Just a little update!

I hope you all had a fun Holiday weekend. As usual we enjoyed our Thanksgiving meal. I was up at 3:30am the next day to do some shopping. I got to WalMart a little after 4:00am, and found a great spot in line at my favorite location (the automotive entry). It was a mad house once I got inside, but I got some good deals there and at a few other stores. We got a tree up this weekend, and the kids were really excited. My hubby also put some lights up outside on Sunday.

Unfortunately I started having anoying itching again like I had when I was pregnant with Sweetpea. It is a nasty itch all over without a rash. Last time the dr. found out it was caused by my liver not functioning properly. I went to the Dr. last Tuesday to have my blood drawn, they wanted to check out my liver funstion again. I still haven't heard back from the CNM yet she is supposed to call me tommorow. Hopefully she will, and I can get on the right meds again before I itch myself to death :(

Anyways I will update you all futher and post some new pics later this week.

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;-) said...

I hope that your CNM has called you by now. Sorry you having that itch again! I hope it goes away soon.