Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tot School 14!

Tot School

We are finally back! Tot School has been happening at our house. I have just not gotten around to posting about it, or taking very many pics. I'm feeling much better as I near my second trimester. These pictures come from the last couple of weeks.

Sweetpea has been working on her writing a lot lately. She wrote the A on the bottom herself.

Playing puzzels!

Buttercup insists on having something to do when the others are doing school

She loves this counting book.

Sweetpea's coloring is getting better all the time.

Buttercup's first time with playdoh

She lasted a few minutes before the eating began ;)


;-) said...

Sweetpea's coloring is really improving. Her A is perfect. :) Gotta love the playdough eating.

TheRockerMom said...

I have a play doh eater, too. The A was excellent! Thanks for sharing!