Friday, January 26, 2007

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Monday, January 01, 2007
Cazy New Year's on Our St. Current mood: crazy Category: Life
Wow New Year's Eve came to Our neighborhood with a bang! Really! We decided to stay home and just hang out watching movies and playing games with the kiddos. We had a fairly quiet day and we fought hard to keep Benny awake so that he could shoot of some poppers and blow horns at Midnight. Well it was about 2min until midnight and he was still awake barely so we drug him out to our porch with popper and whistles, and he was excited that he could finally make some noise. Our neighbors were having a party and there was quite a few people out side. some lady comes running over to our house and says from the side walk "You better take your kid inside because a naked guy is going to run up and down the street in a second." So of course I drag my son back in the house and now he is crying because he couldn't be outside, so we kinda missed the actuall second of New Year's, but we shot of our poppers in the house anyways. My son was just getting into it when the lights go dark. My husband had the police scanner going to see what was happening, and we hear that some body shot out a transformer with a shot gun! Now our son was really freaked out. Then the same crazy lady that warned us before comes banging on our door to see if our power is out too, which kinda freaked me out. So we finally got our son to lay down and he passed out! My husband continued to listen to the police scanner for a little while, and there was all kinds of other crazy things going on. Sorry for the long post, but that was our crazy night here in Felony Flats Happy New Year everyone

Thursday, January 11, 2007
Snow At Last!!!! Current mood: tired
Our son has been asking for snow ever since we started watching Christmas movies in November. So yesterday when he saw snow falling he was so excited. His excitment soon turned to tears when he relized it wasn't sticking, so he could not play in it. Finally right before we were going to put the kids to bed my husband looked out and saw that there was some snow on the ground so we bundled the kids up and took them out for a few minutes. I put him to bed telling him he could play tommorow. So he woke up at 3:30am ready to play in the snow. I finally got him back to sleep after 6:00am, then the kids and I were up at 8:30am back out in the snow. It is amazing how excited kids can get over the littlest things. We should all be a little more like that!

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