Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #12

Thirteen Things about chubbycheeks
Thirteen random things about me:

1. I have large babies naturally my son was 9lbs 7oz, and my daughter was 10lbs 7oz. I hope this one doesn't break my record.

2. I have 9 double cousins. If you don't know what that is here is a link If you scroll down the page there is an explanation.

My mom had two sisters and a brother who married my dads two brothers and a sister. If that makes any sense. :)

3. I prefer dark chocolate.

4. I mainly drink water.

5. I took dance lessons for 4 years.

6. I love swimming.

7. I love the whole Christmas season, it is so much fun.

8. My hubby and I love making homemade cakes for our kids birthdays.

9. My son is in the 90-95% and my daughter is in the 100% I'm sure they will both tower over me one day.

10. My daughter was born on Halloween, and we don't even celebrate that holiday.

11. I can't wait for bing cherries to be ripe, they are so good.

12. I love going to Disney Land, and I can't wait to take my kids.

13. I think I like watching my kids cartoons as much as they do.
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Lori said...

Nice to meet you:)

Starrlight said...

Happy TT!

Starrlight said...

On and here is mine!

FRIGGA said...

You got me stopped at #2, doubled and removed and lots of stuff that would require much more coffee to think about.

If you have time, My TT13 this week is 13 All or Nothing Q's.

Happy TT13!