Thursday, October 18, 2007

Our Week!

Well I had my regular 24 week ultrasound this morning. Once again our baby girl wasn't very co-operative for pics, but we got a few cute ones. Her size and organs all looked great though. The kids really liked watching the ultrasound. My CNM had me schedule a ultrasound for 36 weeks to check the babies size. Hopefully this one will be a little smaller :)
Buster and I had to go to the regular Dr. today also. We both have a right ear infection, Sweetpea had tonsilitis last week. We all had this terrible cold that has just lasted for weeks, but it seems like mabey now we will be feeling better soon.
The kids have been loving their swimming lessons. Buster was really bummed that we had to skip today. I'm also posting some pics that we had taken this month below the ultrasound pics. I think they turned out great.


;-) said...

Those are really great pictures! You are all so cute!

Faerylandmom said...

You're right, those pics did turn out great! And you look really good. :-)

LadyJ said...

Yay family pics. :) I really need to get one of those before baby #4 comes along!