Monday, June 30, 2008

Homeschool info.

I just got Buster's curriculum in the mail today :) I'm really excited about it. The curriculum is called Horizons, and I purchased the K math and phonics. Here is a link to Alpha Omega Publications:

We will also be doing FIAR: I found one of the volumes used so we will start with that. This is a fun program where you use childrens books as a unit study. I can find most of the books at the library, and the rest I can hopefully purchase used.

I found a science book for Buster from Christian Liberty Press for 40% off. It is a a fun introduction to science with a creation theme. My hubby will be doing science with him, and I'm sure they will have fun.

For sweetpea the Dollar Tree is my great resource. I have purchased a stack of great preschool workbooks to keep her busy.

For the rest of the subjects I plan on just using a literature based approach. We will be going to the library regularly.

Some Homeschool resources:
I started subscribing to The Old School House Magazine:
This is a great resource for homeschoolers and I really enjoyed the first issue I recieved.

This is a blog by a homeschool mom that I thought was interesting:

As always I still love this site for reading games:

My kids also enjoy the Leapfrog letter factory dvd. Buster learned all his letter sounds quickly with this and sweetpea already knows quite a few from viewing it. I plan to check out some of their other selections.

The main speaker at the convention we attended was Dr. Voddie Bauchman, and he was a really great speaker. Here is a link to his site:

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