Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up!

We just finished week 32 of our school year! Only 4 weeks left, and I can hardly believe it. This year has actually gone really well, and I'm very excited about next year. Buster's medical test came back normal, and he is feeling better this week. For some reason I did not even take one picture this week, but I will try and get some soccer pictures and such for next week. Basically we are just plugging along with our work and if all goes as planned will be done on May 21st. I plan to give the kids June off except for a reading challenge, and then start back 4 days a week at the beginning of July. Since Sweetpea already started her K work she will not finish, but will just start up where we left off. We attempted to start reading The Wind in the Willows for read aloud time, but found out it was not for us. Note to self "be sure and proof read before reading to children, even if it is a classic" LOL. Instead we will move on to Gentle Ben, because I found it at Salvation Army. It was one of my husbands favorites from childhood. Other than that we are just enjoying some gorgeous weather today, and hope to do so for the remainder of the weekend. I hope you all have a good weekend too.


Loving Our Homeschool said...

I've run into those "oops" moments when reading to the kids before too! Live and learn! :)

Jamie said...

We have a little more than 4 weeks, but we're plugging along. We did read Wind in the Willows, but I don't consider it a "keeper."