Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Picture a day, and Advent list!

Ok so i decided to copy my sister, and post one picture a day until Christmas! I could not choose between these two:

Sweetpea playing with our Little People Nativity!
Buddy re-arranging ornaments!

I also wanted to post the list of activities that will be going in our Advent calendar. These are always subject to change, and we have already completed the first one:
1 New Christmas Movie(Veggie Tales It's a Meaningful Life)

2 Mommy’s birthday(the kids can help daddy make a cake)

3 Christmas Shopping

4 Go to Safari, My cousins wedding

5 Christmas with my BIL, and SIL who are visiting from Mexico

6 St. Nicholas day(I will be putting gold coin chocolates in the kid's shoes, and reading this book)

7 Bi-Mart night Festival of Lights

8 Take Pictures for Christmas cards

9 Make Ornaments

10 Make paper Snowflakes

11 Journey through Christmas (a local church does a neat drive through nativity)

12 Timber truckers light parade

13 Hot Cocoa special, and read Christmas stories(I'm thinking fancy hot chocolate with choices of candy canes, whip topping, Christmas peeps etc.)

14 YMCA Festival of Lights

15 Buy Food for food bank

16 Buy Angel Tree Gift

17 Wild lights

18 Shore Acres

19 Bake Cookies to Share

20 Drive around and look at lights

21 Gingerbread Houses

22 Make Fudge for family

23 Christmas play(the kids are practicing some carols to sing for daddy)

24 Christmas Eve(at my parents)

25 Christmas Day(home in the morning, then go to my in-laws)

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LadyJ said...

I bet he is all into the Christmas tree. :) How fun!