Friday, January 29, 2010

Weekly Wrap up!

We just finished are 21st week of school! Here's a quick list of some things we did this week.
Buster: Read Oscar Otter, Learned about R controlled vowels, Finished Marsupial chapter, Recited Little Boy Blue to daddy, made it to math lesson 93, learned a little about Ecuador, and Guyana, Practiced Spanish words with a new computer program(I got it at Ross for 5.99), copied 1 Cor. 13:4, and had fun with ETC book 4.
Sweetpea: Passed her first swimming class, did a bunch of coloring, asked a billion questions.
Buster has his first Basketball game tomorrow.
Here are some pictures of the kids exercising with a Taekwondo video from the library.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Buttercup is two!

Our little Buttercup is two today! We had a party for her on Sunday, and I will post pictures from that soon. I still can't believe my baby girl is two. It is so much fun to see her growing and changing every day. Her new favorite phrase is "what's in there" she has been asking me that about everything.

Here she is dancing to GodRocks while we made her cake.

My mom ordered Buttercup The Complete Book of Flower Fairies for her birthday. This is a book I've wanted to own since I was a kid. My dad always told us about his mom reading this to him when he was young. She had an original British copy from when she was a kid in England. These stories and poems are so sweet I'm sure even Charlotte Mason would love them. We will be adding it to our poetry readings

The Tie that binds giveaway.

The Tie That Binds Us blog has moved, and Brenda is hosting a curriculum giveaway! You can check out her blog here.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Guess Who Is Gonna Be Two?

Our dancing, singing, artist, princess, Buttercup that's who!

Buttercup will be two next Tuesday, and we are planning a party for her this Sunday. I can't believe we have had her for two wonderful years. She is such a joy to us all, and thank God that he saw fit for us to raise her.

We are still here!

I planned to post a weekly wrap up last weekend, but never got around to it, so I will just give you a little update now. We are still plugging away at school, and everything is going well. Buster had developed a poor habit of complaining a lot lately. Last week after some prayer I came up with the idea to mark an X down every time he complained during school time. After school before he could do his own thing he owed me one task for each mark. Needless to say I had a lot of help around the house last week. a couple of days of that and his complaining has really lessened. He didn't have one mark today. Buster finished reading Little Bear, and Sweetpea finished her second Explode the Code Primer. We also made it to the halfway point in math last week. Buster started basketball last weekend, and I will post pics when he has a game. We were excited to be able to take the kids to Wildlife Safari with our new membership from my parents, and will be enjoying it all year. Our little Buddy is 2 months old now, and getting bigger everyday. He is such a cutie!



Working hard on 1 Corinthians 13

The babies

Our Boys!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up, Happy New Year!

I spent all last weekend pulling our school stuff together and planning for January and February. We had a blast ringing in the New Year and all the kids made it until midnight! This week we were back full swing into our school schedule, and except for a few grumbles from Buster it went great. I got pretty excited with my schedule, so we had some full days. Buster finally started his Explode the code book 4. I bought it at the beginning of the year, but it was a little advanced. He did great with it though, and is really taking off with his reading. He read two chapters of Little Bear, and is reading his nature reader on his own now, which he was really excited about. We are almost half way through his math now, and he told me math was the most fun. We are studying South America for the next 8 weeks, this week we covered Colombia and Venezuala. We also practiced Colors in Spanish. My husband finished the Feline chapter with buster. Buster did copywork of Corinthians 13:1, and Little Boy Blue. I plan to have him do one verse a week until we cover the love section, and he will bememorizing Little Boy Blue this month as well. Sweetpea was excited to get back to school. I got teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons from the library, Sweetpea took one look at it and refused to look at it I don't blaim her it was pretty displeasing to the eye. I put it away and we worked on her ETC primer B and read some Bob books. We also started some new read alouds which I have listed on the side bar. For PE Sweetpea is doing swimming lessons, and Buster will be playing basketball. Sweetpea had her first two swim lessons this week. She was really nervous at first, but loved it once she hit the water. Next week I will actually take some pictures. For now you can enjoy some from New Years Eve.

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Christmas 09

We had a really awesome Christmas this year! It was so much fun spending time with our kids and family. I can't believe our little man will be 2 months tomorrow. Here are some pictures from Christmas.

Christmas at Grandma and Papa's

Christmas Jammies

The Crew on Christmas Eve before bed!

Christmas at Gumpy and Moogy's

Serious Buttercup

Loving on cousin Mye!

Fun with Gumpy

We got the kids a Wii for Christmas, and they love it.

The two Cuties!