Thursday, June 9, 2011


"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life" 
Charlotte Mason
For the third week of my blog hop I'm going to talk about When we home school.
Since learning is a part of our lives everyday you could say that our school is always in session, but as far as book work we school from July-May. In general we take the month of June off, and about 5-6 weeks throughout our year. Right now we are on our June break, and the kids are still required to spend 20 minutes reading daily. So far this month Buster has read one book about King Tut, two about the Titanic, one about Ben Franklin, and now he is reading a book about the Civil War. Other than that I try to allow them time to play, discover, and explore outdoors. They will also have VBS this month. On the 23rd-25th we will be going to our state convention as well as the Zoo, and Science museum.
During our school year we school 5 days a week, and the only holidays we break for are Thanksgiving and Christmas.
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Briana said...

We follow a similar schedule except that I start our new year in September.