Friday, July 27, 2007

Music Meme from Tiff

Anyway, the Music of My Life:
1. Name a song or songs that remind you of your young childhood...up until age 7:

My sister and I loved listening to Music Machine, Bullfrogs and Butterflies, Psalty ect.

We also had this record from my Granny that was kids songs sung by British children, there was one song on there called Little Princess that we really liked.

When I was a little older I really liked White Heart, DC Talk, Petra, Degarmo and Key, Amy Grant, Steve Taylor, and a bunch of other old christian bands.

2. Okay, what songs bring you back to Junior High?

I bought my first CD's in Junior high and they were Newsboys, and Jars of Clay.
I also like DC Talk, PFR, and Audio Adrenaline, Code of Ethics, ect.

3. Break down all 4 years of high school with songs.

I really couldn't tell you specific years, but at early one I liked Jackie Velesquez, Out of Eden, and other girly songs that we danced to.

Later I was more into: Supertones, Shaded Red, Skillet, Switchfoot, Audio Adrenanline ect.
I also really liked swing music.

4. Songs from College

Probably not a whole lot different than my High school list. I only went to College for one year and didn't have a whole lot of time for music. I do remember going to a Third Day concert that year. I think this is when I branch out a little and started listening to some harder stuff that my now hubby liked. POD ect.

5. Your Wedding Songs

My wedding party walked down to Cannon in D (I always loved that song, and I found a really neat version of it)

I walked down to a song from Empire of the Sun (I love that movie)

My cousin sang a SmallTown Poets song for communion

Our first dance was to A Tourniquet song

6. Songs From the Holidays

I love Christmas music, but some of my favs. are Nat King Cole, Harry Connick Junior Christmas (this brings back alot of memories for me).

My favorite carol is O Holy Night.

When I was a kid I really like that one old Michael W. Smith christmas album.

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Faerylandmom said...

I forgot about some of those bands...there really were a lot that I listened to though, so I guess it's understandable.

I'm glad you played!