Monday, April 21, 2008


We are finally all feeling better from our nasty flu. I can't wait for it to stay warm. We have had some really wacky weather. One weekend it was about 85 degrees the next we had hail and snow. Buster finished up his Taekwondo session. Unfortunatly it ended up that it was going to be much more expensive than I thought, and he wanted to do some other things. He will be doing swimming lessons instead for now.
I will be refering to our youngest as half-pint for now just so you know. She is doing really well. Half-pint it such a sweet little bundle of joy. She started sleeping through the night, and is generally so mellow. At her 2 month check she was around 13lbs and 25.5 in (another tall girl).


keithandsherry said...

Hi your dad needs to set it up so he can leave comments. I am trying to do that for him. Love ya, mom

keithandsherry said...

Iloved watching the kids playing. You have your work cut out just hang in there its worth it. Love dad.