Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kids update!

Just a little update of sorts :) For some reason I haven't taken many pics lately. I will try to get some good ones this weekend.
Buttercup now has 4 teeth, started clapping a couple of weeks ago(so cute), and we just figured out that she has eczema :(. It was getting pretty bad last week, but I have been getting it under better control this week with some tips from her Dr. She is cruising everywhere and as always stuffing everything in her mouth. Her secret favorite is paper.
Sweetpea is doing great she will be 3 at the end of the month. She is really excited about it. I really need to get in gear and get her party figured out. She amazes me all the time with her memorization abilities. I decided to go over some letter flashcards the other day, because I was curious which ones she knew. She was able to identify the sounds of 20 letters. I was a little suprised myself.
Buster is doing great with his swimming lessons and soccer. He is starting to get alot more confident in the water, and at his last soccer game he made 2 goals and a bunch of blocks. It was so cold at his last game the girls were not too happy. He is also doing well with school. Buster loves math and science, reading and phonics he can do, but it is more of a chore for him. I have been trying my hardest to make it fun. I suppose it just takes time. He is one of those kids who starts out with the additude that he can't do it, and once it clicks that he can he does well.

I'm really glad it is fall though.We grew a pumpkin plant this year, and it produced 3 pumpkins. Each kid gets one and we plan to carve them soon, mabey this weekend? I'm starting to get excited about the Christmas season coming up although I have yet to really think much on it. This year I want to focus on being thankful and giving to others. I'll let you know if I think of any good ways of doing this with the kids. For now I hope you all get out and enjoy the crisp air, leaves, pumpkins, and a nice hot drink.

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