Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cmping/Beach/July 4th

We had a great 4th of July weekend! We decided since my husband had a three day weekend we packed up the van and headed over to the coast as soon as he got off on Thursday. The first campground we tried was full, but there was a small private one next to it. We were able to find an opening there for Thursday night. The kids were so excited they have been asking to go camping for months. The camp site was really close to the beach, and it had its own trail right to it. We had a really fun time there, and came home Friday evening. We set off of few fireworks Friday night when we got home. On Saturday we went to my Aunt and Uncles for their annual barbeque. In the evening we went to my sisters for some fireworks, and then walked over to the city park for the big ones. It was a great fireworks display and all the kids including Buttercup loved it. Also this weekend I reached the halfway point for my pregnancy :)
Buster turns 6 on Sunday, so I will be posting more pics soon.

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