Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up!

Well one more week down. This week Buster started reading Frog and Toad. He really enjoyed it and didn't even complain. Daddy and Buster started the Primate chapter, and read about St. Patrick for History. Buster made it about halfway through ETC book 4. He also had his first basketball game last Saturday. It was really fun to watch. Our little buddy decided to actually sleep on his own now and has been going to sleep around 11, and sleeping until 3-6 before he wakes.
Buster at skate church on Monday. He goes nearly every week.

Humpty Dumpty copywork

We went to Mops on Tuesday, and Buster painted this in his class.

Buttercup holding the cat.

Our little buddy having some tummy time

Practice before the game

Buddy is 12 weeks.

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Tristan said...

Nice - I liked seeing pictures of your week.

;-) said...

Can he be 12 weeks already? He is a doll!
Buster great job on the handwriting! That is cool that he is going to skate church as well as basketball.

Wonder Mom said...

Skate church- what COOL idea!

(Also, your baby is just darling! Makes me want another one!)