Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up!

We had a pretty good week here. Buster finished his 1 Cor. 13 copybook. We did some extra flash card practice for addition trying to get him to memorize all his facts. He found a show called Friends and Heroes on SkyAngel, and the kids enjoyed watching it. One episode was about Purim(which happens to be this weekend) the holiday interested Buster, so we read the book of Esther for school. We went to Wild Life Safari, and Buster was excited that they have an armidillo now. For Geography we started reading about Canada. My mom got us a book about it in Canada a couple years ago. We watched a bunch of olympics too. Buster read two more chapters of Frog and Toad, and would you rather be a BullFrog. We drew monkeys this week and started studying rodents. Buster had a basketball game today, and a shoot-a-thon. He made 13 baskets and was so excited. We also found some School House Rock on You Tube, and the kids loved them. Sweetpea is doing well with her ETC primer, and learning to count pretty high. She counted with me to 100 a couple times this week. She also really enjoys her CLP K nature reader, we read about a bunch of different animals. Buttercup likes to color, play with learning toys, look at books, etc. while we are doing school. I took Buddy to the dr. this week. He is almost 4 months old and weighs 13.5 lbs. He is starting to laugh and play a lot more, and has almost figured out rolling over. I need to remember to use my camera this week ;)
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