Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up!

My husband put in for this week off in January, and we decided to make it our spring break. On Sunday morning we drove to Portland and checked out OMSI. It was 2 dollar day, so we all got in for 10 dollars. Buster and Sweetpea really enjoyed it, but Buttercup wasn't feeling to good. That evening at our hotel Both girls got sick, so we spent that night and the whole next day at a hotel with sick girls. Buster and daddy did some science reading. On Tues. I called the kids Dr. from our hotel and made an apt. for 4. We did a quick run through the zoo it was their 2 dollar day, and drove straight home. We just made it in time for the girls apt. Both girls had ear infections. We spent Wed.-Thurs. at home with grouchy kids. I called and made Buster an apt. for Fri. morning. Buster woke up with a rash, and Dr. said he had strep. Buddy was heading the way of the others, so he is being treated also. Buster is pretty bummed to be missing his last basketball game tomorrow. We were also supposed to go to cousin T, and K's b-day parties. It's back to school Monday.

They had a NASA exhibit right now.

Relaxing in his Ergo

The fam on infrared

Kid's area

Samson the T-Rex

Sick baby

He slept awesome at the hotel

Going home

The new Africa area at the Oregon Zoo

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;-) said...

I am sorry your kids are sick! I hope they fill better soon and that you guys and Buddy do not get sick. Enjoyed the pictures.

Cheryl said...

Great pictures, what a good deal! Hope everyone is better soon!

Chef Penny said...

Awesome pictures! So sorry that your kids are sick. Hope everyone feels better soon. I thought my family was the only one to get sick during vacation.

CRAZYMOM said...

I just found your blog through some random links I was exploring. I noticed right away that we have a few things on common, though my kids are older now. But I have to say the thing that made me feel the need to leave a comment is to say how great it is to see a baby with a beautiful round head! All of your kids look so beautiful and loved. It does my heart good. From one attached momma to another, hello from across the country! Looks like you are doing great!!