Friday, March 26, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up!

We have had a busy couple of weeks with school. The weather has been very nice, so we finally started our nature studies/journals. You can see a post about it here

We started The Carnival of Animals for music study, which has been really fun.
I bought these two Bible study guides from Ebay Bible Beginnings: And It Was Good! and

Bible Beginnings: Precious In His Sight
They are set up with lessons that go for 5 days. We have been doing one each morning before school. These are super thick books, and we are starting with the Old Testament. I have found them very easy to follow, and the kids enjoy them too. Sweetpea started the majority of her K work this week. There was just no point in waiting on it she is very ready. Right now she is finishing ETC primer C, Horizons K, Handwriting Without tears K, Hearts and Hands from CLP, and Phonics Pathways. I have some other things I will start with her soon also. Buster is just plugging along with his work and should be done with most of it mid May. This week we started multi-syllable word mini pyramids in his Reading Pathways. He had a lot of fun reading these and looking the words up in the dictionary. Buster and daddy finished rodents, and read about Elephants, Woolly Mammoths, and Horses this week. Here are some other things we did:

My husband set up a kids computer, and the kids can take turns playing educational games while I work with the other on basics.

Sweetpea really enjoyed Jumpstart Kindergarten this week.

Buster playing Jumpstart Spanish

Sweetpea's drawing. I drew the bunny on the right and she copied it on the left.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We planted some seeds, so far they have yet to sprout ;(

We had a fun day at the park with my sister and her kids.

They found treasure! Someone had dumped a bunch of pennies.

Counting their loot.

A tree fort.

I ordered some owl pellets from Ebay. Daddy and the kids had fun digging through them.

Rodent skull

Busters Jounal drawing from this week.

Check out
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Wonder Mom said...

What a great couple of weeks! I am looking forward to more productive time at our house again...

Anonymous said...

Awesome week. I love the owl pellets, we are about to do the same thing!!! I also love planting the seeds and the tree fort!! Thanks for sharing!!

Tricia (Hodgepodgemom) said...

Oh my you were busy! Love those computer games - I had forgotten about Jump start. Will have to check that out again. We have been loving Starfall. And...I always love it when Daddy does the dissecting :)

Cheryl said...

LOL Now that looks like a really fun week :)

Mason said...

Never heard of owl pellets. Sweetpea's drawing is great. All looks fun!

;-) said...

Just read about them. That is funny! Like the bird in Buster's tree.