Thursday, June 24, 2010

Weekly Wrap up!

No school this week unless you count VBS. My husband is on vacation this week and we are working on the house. Buster and Sweetpea have been at VBS this week from 8:30-12. I have spent most of the week working on the kids bedroom. My sister sewed the curtains and I painted along with some help from my dad. I was able to get the room finished and put back together this evening. Buster wanted green, and Sweetpea purple so we did both. I will be starting reviews for the TOS crew very soon, so keep an eye out for them. I also sent in my letter of intent to home school Buster last week. I recieved an official letter from the ESD that they recieved it Monday, so now he is officially a homeschooler!

All three in bed!

She loves her new pillow.


Check out my previous post for before shots
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LadyJ said...

Looking good. :) She looks so excited about the pillow, or maybe just the picture. hehehehe

Tiff said...

Looks great, Abbie!

Heather said...

The room is beautiful! The kids look so pleased:))

Twisted Cinderella said...

It looks wonderful! Just a great kid's room!

Jenni said...

The beauty of paint! After renting for a few years, I'm looking forward to owning a house again soon so we can get creative. Thanks for the inspiration!

~Jenni, TOS Crewbie

A family being transformed said...

So very, very cute! Love all the colors--and the happy faces.

6intow said...

Great "new" room. Love the colors!

Guiding Light said...

GREAT JOB! Looks marvelous!! I'm walking with the Crew and glad to see your site. Love it!

Sheri said...

Hi, stopping by on the TOS blog walk-a few weeks late, but hey, I am here now. Say, your kids rooms would be perfect for a few rain gutter book shelves! Just google it-cheap and so cute! I am putting up a couple in our classroom area too. Sure nice to meet ya and best wishes.

FM Sheri