Thursday, July 7, 2011


How exactly you might ask do we home educate our children? My main teaching method and style is Charlotte Mason with a bit of Classical, and Eclectic thrown in for good measure. I f you want to learn more about Charlotte Mason online here are some good sites; Simply Charlotte MasonCharlotte Mason Research, A Charlotte Mason Education. As far as reading materials on Charlotte Mason you should be able to easily get your hands on her original works, our library even has them. My all time favorite Charlotte Mason book though is A Charlotte Mason Education by Karen Andreola. Karen is a wonderful Godly women and she also has an excellent and encouraging blog Moments With Mother Culture. One other book on the Charlotte Mason method that I found helpful was For the Children's Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay.
As far as school goes we try to keep our book learning between the hours of 9-2:30 or so. That is not to say we are doing seat work this entire time but we do exercise, seat work, read alouds, reading, educational games, lunch, educational shows, and pretty much all of our other school work during this time. My husband generally gets off at 2:15, so we try to be done by then. In the afternoon the kids play, and in the evenings we have swimming, or sometimes sports. My husband does some extra school with the older two kids a few evenings a week. He is reading through some of the Apologia Science books with them, and he also does a bit of History readings, sometimes stories, and a bit of guitar lessons. Here is a copy of what the schedule I made for this coming school year looks like. I do not follow a timed schedule and only really use this as a daily guide, so I do not forget things. At times we will skip the extras, but I try to always get our main curriculum done(Heart of Dakota).
This is just a basic idea and is subject to change as the year progresses.
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Chef Penny said...

I love the idea of a basic schedule. One with times would not work for us but a basic one would improve our flow for sure. Thanks and yours looks great!