Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up!

Week 4, and 5!
Last week my husband was on vacation and you can see a few things we did at the beginning of the week Here. Half way through his vacation week we headed to the Northern Oregon coast for a family vacation. By family I mean my entire family, my parents, and all my siblings and their families. It was crazy and a ton of fun. There were 14 children there from age 1-16! Three families stayed in a rental house, my parents stayed at a hotel, and we stayed at a cabin at Fort Stevens state park. We were able to reserve one of their brand new deluxe cabins, and let me tell you they are deluxe! It is almost like cheat camping! While we were there we spent a bunch of time at the beach, hung out at the rental house for meals, went down to the Seaside boardwalk for rides, visited the wreck of the Peter Iredale, went to Astoria, drove across the long bridge to Washington(just for fun), went to Fort Stevens, visited Fort Clatsop, flew a kite, and saw the sunset! We were also able to get a picture of all of my parents grandkids together. Since there was so many pics I put them in a slideshow for you. This week I was somewhat exhausted from our vacation, so we did some school but not as much as usual and I didn't really take any pictures.

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Mrs Random said...

That sounds like a great family vacation. Well done on the slide show! (I *love* cheat camping. It's my favorite kind).