Friday, April 12, 2013

School Update!

I have been terrible this school year about posting Weekly Wrap Ups for school. I just wanted to give an update about where everyone is at regarding their schooling. This week we are taking our spring break. I will break it down by kids.

Buster grade 4:
He is still plugging away with Preparing Hearts For His Glory and he completed unit 27 last week. I know I have said it before but I'm going to say it again I absolutely love this guide! Buster has learned so much this year. He is totally into the history, science, poetry and storytime. The other subjects are going great too, but of course they require more work so they aren't as exciting. Since the last time I posted about school he has finished learning about ancient times and moved through the dark ages and into the middle ages. Buster was especially interested in the Vikings. This was supposed to be a Roman Emperor leaf crown but I forgot to tell him to put the leaves sideways.
  photo 537949_10200771975332138_346224404_n.jpg
For science he has been studying stars, constellations, coral reefs, and Columbus.
Constellation map.
 The Constellations. photo 7610_10200772050894027_207309461_n.jpg
Model of a coral polyp.
  photo 383044_10200771983172334_1237984487_n.jpg
For Drawn Into the Heart of Reading he has read The Sign of the Beaver and The Little Pilgrim's Progress. Both of these books were a hit and here are the projects he did for them. Character mask! Daddy interviewed him as if he was Matt from The Sign of the Beaver.
Book Project for Sign of the Beaver. photo 62796_10200772054454116_463683273_n.jpg
 He made a map of Christian's journey.
 His Pilgrim's Progress map! photo 625690_10200771985132383_116274494_n.jpg
Buster decided on his own to make a map of Oregon and label all of the counties. He decided to make a map of Oregon and mark each county. photo 553012_10200772064734373_822180491_n.jpg
 As far as the rest of the subjects are concerned he is just plugging away.  photo 561166_10200772003092832_1468977633_n.jpg 

Sweetpea grade 1/2: She finished Beyond Little Hearts For His Glory at the end of February.
 Panning for gold!
 Panning for Gold! photo 543803_10200772053494092_74949975_n.jpg 
 I then took a month to review math with her. We read Little House on the Prairie, If you traveled west in a covered wagon, and The World of Christopher Robin. She also continued with her handwriting, ETC, Reading Pathways, Phonics Pathways, and HOD Emergent readers.
  photo 528309_10200772002692822_171301666_n.jpg 
Last week she started Bigger Hearts For His Glory. Starting now allows us to continue doing school 4 days a week. She will complete 9 weeks of school before summer break and pick up where we left off, so that she will finish at the end of next school year.
  photo 528381_10200772008932978_1581794448_n.jpg 
Sweetpea was super excited to start and our first week went really well. It is an adjustment for her because Bigger Hearts takes longer and is more involved than Beyond. I attempted to use the dictation from the back but it was a bit too hard, so she went to the second spelling word list for now. She really enjoyed learning about Columbus this week for history.
 Her Ocean painting. 
 photo 537199_10200772004532868_355747892_n.jpg 
Learning the continents and oceans.
  photo 532942_10200772011653046_1202691578_n.jpg  photo 555934_10200772008572969_1286798348_n.jpg 
For storytime right now we are reading through a few D' Aulaire Biographies. Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, and Buffalo Bill. She is still plugging away at the Beginner's Bible because she has taken breaks from it to read other books such as, Dust For Dinner, Mouse Tales, Dolphin, and Snowshoe Thompson. Reading the Beginners Bible. photo 156811_10200771996012655_1680885936_n.jpg 
 The biggest surprise for me this past week was how well she did with Singapore 2a and Rod and Staff English 2. She also is really enjoying the Poems and Hymns. 

Buttercup PreK/K:
  photo 528354_10200772065334388_461361766_n.jpg 
Buttercup was still going through Little Hands to Heaven this year and in the last month or so we kind of rushed through a bunch of units. She was really ready to move up, so I decided to start her in Little Hearts For His Glory the same week as Sweetpea moved up. She will also be doing it 4 days a week.
  photo 163532_10200772009172984_2018250194_n.jpg 
Buttercup was so eager and excited to start Kindergarten, and she proved to me that she was ready. Her first week went awesome after a couple minutes of resistance the first day. For math she is using Singapore Essentials K.
  photo 527164_10200771995812650_1951367277_n.jpg  photo 528647_10200772006012905_1416713117_n.jpg 
She was learning about same and different this week so we played memory.  photo 563817_10200772004852876_1426388847_n.jpg 
For Phonics she is doing All About Reading Level 1 which she is really enjoying so far.
For handwriting she is using Hand Writing Without Tears.
 Handwriting! photo 543994_10200772001292787_1331025630_n.jpg  photo 551480_10200772002892827_1204276905_n.jpg 
Buttercup really enjoyed our reading time also. I let her color this picture the first day while we were reading Reddy Fox. 
 photo 62631_10200771995692647_287035462_n.jpg 
Reddy Fox turned out to be a big hit. She also enjoyed her history and Science.

Buddy Preschool: For the most part he just plays and all of the kids take turns doing things with him. He loves his Kumon workbooks.
 photo 734005_10200772053294087_2103594468_n.jpg Kumon workbooks. photo 66802_10200772051094032_2044881329_n.jpg 
Playing with rice. This picture makes it look so sweet but it really was quite a mess.  photo 524327_10200772050134008_1994153379_n.jpg 
 Do a Dot art.
  photo 553910_10200772003852851_311616418_n.jpg 
Buddy will start Little Hands this fall.


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Fun read! Sounds like you guys are doing great. LOL at the Roman crown--looks more like an Indian. :)

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That's what I thought. ;) lol!

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Wow, what great activities. Looks like a fun week.