Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Break 2013!

We took a camping trip earlier this week. The trip was pretty casual and we had a bit of fun. Of course as usual someone had to get sick part way through and we got a bit rained out the last day.
Playing at Bastendorff beach and camping:
 photo 541596_10200793637193671_284394872_n.jpg Bastendorff Beach photo 69056_10200793633033567_162297282_n.jpg  photo 77122_10200793633633582_800286686_n.jpg  photo 487947_10200793633793586_1685827810_n.jpg  photo 19009_10200793638233697_1269705147_n.jpg 
Being silly in the cabin.
  photo 485360_10200793665234372_1286264210_n.jpg 
Playing some tunes for us as we packed up. 
Bastendorff campground photo 555826_10200793664754360_1147198379_n.jpg 
Feeling sick on the second day.
  photo 563672_10200793664954365_1914240861_n.jpg 
 Heceta Beach.
  photo 9974_10200793665794386_2076008113_n.jpg  photo 528171_10200793669994491_1544739971_n.jpg  photo 529261_10200793672394551_1828456322_n.jpg  photo 66872_10200793673154570_255249829_n.jpg 
Bundled up because she was sick.
  photo 521761_10200793673834587_978583589_n.jpg 
We stopped at a tiny Museum in Florence. The volunteers there were so sweet.
  photo 529364_10200793678034692_1835976242_n.jpg  photo 534935_10200793679874738_1827971061_n.jpg

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Yay! Congratulations! So nice being done.