Thursday, March 1, 2007

It's March!!!

Well it is finally March, and the weather is still pretty dreary, but we are still getting glimmers of spring. The kiddos are growing as ever and getting really antsy to spend more time outdoors. We finally took are baby girls bottles away. This was mostly difficult for my hubby, he hates to see her grow up. She is doing fine though and is learning new words all the time.
I signed my little man up for soccer it starts this Satuday and he is really excited. He has been asking me every day when he gets to play. I even got him a soccer ball to play with and he has been kicking it everywhere. Our girl loves kicking it also and she is actually pretty good at it. We will have to try her at it when she's old enough. I really hope he enjoys himself because he really needs to burn some extra energy. I will post some pics after Saturday of his first practice! I think I'm just as excited as he is to see him out there playing!

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Faerylandmom said...

I can't wait for Turbo to be old enough for sports...He watched some football on Super Bowl Sunday, and thought it looked like fun, so that might be what we try with him. Who knows though?

Either way, we kind of decided to wait until he turns 5 to start him in things...We just don't want to get too busy too fast.