Wednesday, March 28, 2007

She's a Big Girl!

Well my little girl peed in the potty last night for the first time. Last night when I took her out of the bath she was running around naked while I went to get her pj's. She peed on the carpet a little and started showing me. I told her you peed on the carpet and just for fun I took her and sat her on the potty, and said she could pee in there. She got off and on the potty about three times each time she would get off she would run over to were she peed and point at it then run back to the bathroom. She ended up peeing twice in the toilet last night. She has tried a bunch today but no luck yet. I'm pretty sure it will be awhile till she is actually trained though she is only 16.5 months old, but at least she has the idea now :)

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