Monday, September 10, 2007

Baby News!

Well we had the ultrasound today and everyting that they could measure and see looked normal. It is not a hundred percent gaurantee, but it was enough to set us at ease. The Dr.'s up there were great and they did not seem to concerened at this point. We were offered an amnio if we wanted it, but we decided not to have one.
So as of now we are not being recommended for any special care or further testing. We did end up finding out that the baby is a girl, she was a little shy at first. After some proding the dr. said they were 90% sure it was a girl. No we do not have any names picked out yet. Thanks for all your prayers they really helped :)

Look at that foot!


;-) said...

Yay! Girls Rock!
Love Ya,

ONwebCHECK said...

That remember me when my wife was bringing me our first photo and asked me if I´m happy about that. Yes I was!