Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tot School 6

Tot School
This week in totschool.
Buttercup did her first drawing.

Sweetpea loves playing her DVD Hullabaloo.

Practicing Letters.
Playing trains.
Folding towels.
She loves helping Mommy.
Watching Leapfrog talking word factory and lacing.

Making Cookies.
Penguin lapbook done.
A for Antartica.

Playing at the park. Sweetpea figured out how to slide on the bar by herself. She did it the almost the whole time we were there. Usually all she wants to do is swing.


ScrappinAway said...

Found you thru tot school linky.
I didn't know that Hullaballoo was a DVD game. I will have to check that out for sure! I hope to my school stuff up by tonight.

chubbycheeks said...

They have it in dvd and none dvd version. Some one gave it to her as a gift, so I don't know where they got it.

Faerylandmom said...

Wow! You sure do a lot!

MoziEsmé said...

Way to go on the drawing, Buttercup! I love the help with the chores part of school...

Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." said...

I love your photos. Thanks for the tip on Hullabaloo. I haven't heard of it before. We'll have to check it out.
~first time tot-school participant here. :)