Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tot School 7

Tot School

We had a short Tot school this week, because Buster and I both had strep throat. We did manage to get some schooling and fun in. On Wednesday we took the whole day to do Valentines things. I took a bunch of pictures. Unfortunately I was still a little out of it and did not relize that there was no card in my camera, so no pictures. The kids did conversation heart math( sorting, counting chart etc.) We made heart shaped cookies. I took strawberry cake mix and made it into cookies. They glued pompoms onto a heart, and made a we love daddy sign with stickers. I wrote it on construction paper and the kids covered my marker with stickers. Sweetpea really enjoyed that. Here are some pics I actually got.

Sweetpea making an H for heart.

We finished her Ocean animals lapbook

She really liked this thanks Carisa

Making an Octopus

Making Valentines for friends


Making heart shaped pizza for lunch


Carisa said...

I am so glad she liked the Ocean Tot Book!!! It wasn't one of K's favorites, but I really liked it! I am glad someone's kid liked it!
:) Carisa

CristyLynn said...

That heart-shaped pizza looks yummy! :)