Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Download N Go, Expedition Australia"

"Do you come from a land down under?"

I had the opportunity this week to check out and review a “Download N Go” Ebook by Amanda Bennet called “Expedition Australia“. Generally I’m a do- it-your self type of person, so I have not tried one of these types of EBooks before. The name “Download N Go” fits perfect, because that is exactly how this EBook works. After downloading the book and printing out the lapbook pages we were off and running. This is a 5 day unit study on Australia, so each day the kids and I gathered around my laptop, and went through the daily lessons. Each day is planned out complete with internet links, and accompanying lapbook pages to complete. There is also a list of suggested reading materials for each day. I did not get the chance to go to my library this week, but we did use a Children’s Atlas, Apologia Zoology3, and our CLP K nature reader. All three of these books went along great with the study especially Zoology 3 which we have been studying this year. This EBook is intended for grades K-4th. My 1st grade son and Pre K daughter both enjoyed this study, and I was easily able to adapt it to their level. Even my 2 year old hung around for the videos and reading. You could beef this study up for older students or even extend it beyond five days. We had a lot of fun ourselves adding to it by checking out extra YouTube videos, and watching some movies we had about Australia. Expedition Australia cover Science, Geography, Social Studies/History, and even a little Vocabulary. You can find this EBook, and many other “Download N Go” topics at The Old Schoolhouse Store for 7.95 each, or they even offer bundle prices. This study has really made our last week of school fun, and it was great having it all planned out otherwise we would have stuck to the basics. If you have younger students I would suggest printing and cutting before you start, because the cutting can become a distraction if you wait until you need it. The only other con I could see with this EBook is if you had slow internet the videos may not work for you. You can easily do without them though if you have books that cover the topics studied. Be sure and click on the "Expedition Australia" image for more information!

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